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Update on the “Marvel Brothel”

In the second of the “popular posts with corrections from people who know more than I do about the topic” I got a note from the mind behind the great video game blog Electron Dance on the status of the Marvel Brothel.

He has a great review (with screenshots) of the game on his blog, and has an interview with the developer after he got the takedown notice.

I was told there was a place to download the game, and checking the link makes it appear to still be up. However, I’d rather not post the link directly here, just in case that is the straw that breaks the camel’s back, so please click through to the review on Electron Dance if you want to know where to find it.

Posted in Monday: Legal Landscape.

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  1. Harbour Master says

    Thanks for the link Anne-Marie! It’s nice to have people take the game “seriously” because most of the coverage has been pointing and laughing at the concept or some of the broken English.

    Keep up the blog, I’ve been following you since your post on the Marvel Brothel legal perspective last year.