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Corporation, Inc.

Fun stuff! Yay! I’ve been playing a lot of time management games recently, in part because I like short levels with a lot of action. An awesome free online game that recently went up on Armor Games is the recursively named “Corporation, Inc.

It’s kind of like Sim Tower, except that you build your corporation to certain specifics, meeting goals and making the most efficient office building possible. You can hire workers, researchers, janitors, and other specialized employees, and you add amenities as needed. You start with a fairly limited budget, however, and the bonuses for completing tasks are substantial, so it’s worth it not to jump ahead of the goals as they appear. You don’t get credit for hiring a janitor if you already did so (at least, it appears that way). The other minor flaw I found during play is that the janitors occasionally get stuck taking elevator rides up and down the building, so they don’t actually clean up during the night.

Other than that, however, it’s kind of addictive, and a lot of fun, and the game autosaves at the end of each “day” so you can save your progress. Totally worth a look, even if it’s not quite your thing.

Posted in Friday: Game Review.