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What’s with the title?

The question first came up while in conversation with a friend who has been blogging for a long time. “What do you want to call your blog?” I said that I wanted to have a short name that would demonstrate my interests without losing my semi-unique position in a Geeky Venn Diagram.

I wanted to highlight my law degree and bar license, because I’d certainly spent enough time on them, and I hoped to include my passion for video and computer games. I’ve been gaming since I had an Intellivision and played Hangman on my old spinach-green monitor. But even that overlap wasn’t enough to make me stand out, I felt, because there are a lot of attorneys who game, and a lot of gamers who think they know the law.

That brings me to the description which was acquired first, and with no input from myself. I’m also a girl. According to research done last year, women are still only 45% of the new hires at law firms, while only 12% of law firm partners (10+ years) are female. As for the gaming part of it, women are visibly more present in the video game industry on both sides of the screen, and companies are finally starting to wake up to that fact. Nearly 40% of gamers are female, with ladies buying nearly 48% of games overall.

So there you have it. It’s short, it’s only a little pretentious (I hope) and it provides a quick explanation of my perspective. Plus if you squeeze it together it looks like I came up with a new adjective, but forgot the “e” at the end of it. Who wouldn’t want to invent their own word?

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