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Casual Connect Seattle

There’s actually a great conference going on now in Seattle, called Casual Connect, and it’s by and for casual video game developers. It has a host of big name speakers, including people from Big Fish Games, Zynga, GameHouse, PopCap, WildTangent and more. I especially like that they have a branch in Kiev as well. Eastern Europe has a lot of casual game development studios, and those numbers will  probably only increase as the infrastructure improves.

The conference is put on by the Casual Games Association, which is a trade organization doing a lot of good research into how much casual games cost, as well as being an advocate for casual game developers so they don’t have to take on legal challenges or regulations by themselves.

Am I going? Sadly not. I found out about it halfway through the first day, long after preregistration closed, and I had already made other plans. Plus the topics really are aimed at developers, with all the advice I am not in a position to give, like how to monetize a game idea, and how to increase downloads.

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