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In which our Author has a Speaking Engagement!


Been a while, hasn’t it?

See, that’s the thing with having a life outside the computer. You forget that you haven’t updated your virtual world in a while, and then one day you come back and it’s full of weeds and rocks and plants you don’t recall seeding.

But having only recently been exposed to Animal Crossing (and not really seeing the point), I digress.

I’m going to be giving a short talk with Q&A afterwards at the LadyCoders conference next weekend! I’ll be talking on Sunday, October 7 about what to look for in your employment contracts and what that IP clause really means for you. It’s going to be short but sweet, but it’s covering a lot of what I’ve done for clients already, so I’m only partially intimidated by speaking in front of people.

And I helped draft some of their contracts before they did their Kickstarter project.

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