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MegaUpload and MegaVideo Go Dark

Yesterday the US Federal Government shut down the popular hosting service MegaUpload, and by extension, the video sharing website MegaVideo. Authorities allege that the proprietors made over $150 million through ad revenue and selling premium memberships, while depriving content owners of their share of the proceeds.

Were the majority of the files on MegaVideo illegally shared content? Possibly. Was it a fairly safe source for streaming content without requiring users to download additional plugins or fill out spam-creating surveys? Yes. Does the shuttering of this website mean the end of the sharing of unlicensed uploaded content? Of course not.

MegaUpload, by contrast, had far more legitimate users and uses, and the loss of the file sharing site is unfortunate, especially as this bust seems to signal that the US government is once again cracking down on alternative uses of technology that disadvantage outdated business models.

The Supreme Court recently upheld a decision stating that works may exit the public domain, being covered under Copyright laws once more. The outcry over the poorly written and overbroad legislation known as SOPA reflects just how far behind the times the US Legislature is at the moment.

This year may well be a banner year for arresting individuals and closing down hosting sites. After all, it’s not like that tactic has ever failed to make a difference before…

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