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Friday Parody: Ravenclaw

Wow, has it already been a month since I’ve had a moment to update? Yeah, I guess so. Gomen nasai! This video was created by a clever lady who wanted to riff on the internet sensation of “Friday” which has had over 122 million views since February as people mercilessly mocked a young girl for posting her birthday present on Youtube. It’s strangely catchy, though.

The parody uses the same tune and much of the same imagery, but spins it into a song by the intelligentsia of the Harry Potter world, the Ravenclaw students. It’s quite well done, and was apparently created in 11 hours by the singer. I could blather on about fair use and repurposing for commentary, but I think I’ll just let you enjoy it for itself.

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3 Responses

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  1. sarterus says

    The video is not appearing for me… I found it on youtube and it is great, not sure why the post appears empty.

  2. Dana R says

    Have you seen her new video?  Slytherins this time.  I know she’d love if you shared it.  C:  (I’m in it too and I know I’D love it!)

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