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New Schedule for the New Year

I’m sure a lot of you can tell that I’ve been getting a bit burnt out updating this blog as much as possible, so I’m going to be scaling it back a bit in order to be able to keep it going, and not feel as pressured to create content every. Single. Day.

So at least for January, I’ll be posting on Monday and Wednesday with legal news and industry comments, and Friday with fun stuff! I’ll probably revisit or update a few of my posts from last year which had comments from people directly involved with the projects (people who wanted to correct my errors and comment on my opinions).

Thanks for reading, and I hope things stay awesome this year, too!

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  1. Harbour Master says

    I was doing two a week last year and that was pretty tough. Dropped to one a week for 2011 and should be manageable for me. Quality Vs Quantity, blah blah etc.