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Want to play Munchkin?

Don’t have a set or a regular game night? Check out the Munchkin Rigged Demo, which is a flash-based basic explanation of how things work.

No, I’m not doing endorsements, I just really like playing Munchkin, and don’t respond well to people trying to pressure me to try things, which is why this way to check out the game without having to deal with other people is awesome.

Munchkin is a bit odd, and it helps if you have some background in role-playing, but it’s not totally necessary. Munchkin has about six expansions, and is drawn by John Kovalic, who created Dork Tower, a webcomic about gamers. It’s a bit offbeat (the comic and the game) and very amusing. Go check it out and I’ll try to have more legal news for you later this week.

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