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Big Fish v. iWin – The complaint!

A few years ago, Seattle casual game portal BigFishGames (BFG) sued their competitor iWin on various trade secret and unfair competition grounds. The interesting part of the story is in how iWin allegedly obtained the proprietary sales and tracking information on BFG’s subscription model and bestsellers. An employee of a data tracking company was headhunted to work at iWin, and before he left, created dummy accounts so that he could continue to access the constantly updated information.

Not only that, but he also gave the login information to the head of iWin, which was one of the reasons iWin began offering their own subscription service, where previously they had attempted to be profitable just on the profit from individual games. If I uploaded the document correctly, it should be an interesting read.


(With thanks to Mr. Ochs for tracking this down for me.)

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