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Staving off #PaxFlu, Longer Post to Follow

PAX was, as always, an incredible three days of intense nerd experience, with a strong WotC presence, more people than ever, and a great deal of fun times being had by most.

Today is also a holiday in the States, so I will be resting in an attempt to stave off a repeat of last year’s H1Nerd1, aka PAXFlu, aka PAXPox, and formulating my thoughts on one of the better industry conventions, from a mildly techie gamer’s perspective.

For now, however, why not check out a game I played obsessively this weekend, called Pajaggle(tm). The physical game tests spatial awareness and muscle control, and can be incredibly addicting. I eventually worked my time down to an impressive 2:23 on Tournament play, but that might have been a one-off.

Posted in Monday: Legal Landscape.