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Breaking News: An App that turns your Video Game into a Comic

This idea is brilliant.

Apple just filed for a patent for a computer program (app) that can turn a user’s video game experience into a personalized comic, able to be printed, and physically held like a real comic book, or explored entirely online, through your personal cloud remote (iPhone/iPad).

What an idea! And there’s a machine AND a transformation involved, so even if the Supreme Court disallows pure business method or software patents, this one could potentially stick around for quite some time.

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  1. sarterus says

    Very interesting patent, patent 20100203970, seems fun. I wounder if it will include the 750 times I failed to slay Sindragosa or just the 751st when I finally won…. The power of revisionist history in every gamers hands. I am sure the idea is marketable.

    But I am not sure it is machine dependent or original. Custom life experience comics are already in commerce, her is one example from . Apple has automated the process and focused it to gaming.