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Abandonware: Halo 2600

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This is a great example of something that looks like it might be abandonware, but is actually a fan-made project, done with the awareness and tacit approval of the copyright owner. The programmer? Ed Fries, the former head of Microsoft Game Studios. This is the kind of programmer who, unlike most of us, actually has coffee or lunch occasionally with Microsoft’s President of Entertainment and Devices.

I have a 360, but haven’t played Halo, so I can’t say how good the game compares, but I’ve heard that it’s pretty close.

As for the playability of the game, as a stand-alone, instead of comparing it with the original? Well, it’s programmed for the Atari 2600. It’s hard. If you like Halo (and haven’t been reading any other gaming press this week) then you should check this out.

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