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What kind of games do you play?

Almost everything. Except first person shooters. I just can’t get into those, for some reason. I used to play a lot of Goldeneye in college, but there are so many awesome games out there today, and so little opportunity to physically gather together that they just don’t seem worth it to me.

I have an XBox 360, a Wii, a DS, and a PC, and I used to have a PS2 and a PSP, but I’m both cutting back on games and lacking in televisions right now.

I tend to prefer RPGs, adventure, mystery, and collecting games. I’m a big fan of Fable and Fable 2, the Harvest Moon series, Spore, Civilization, Guitar Hero, Devil May Cry, the Final Fantasy series, and the Rayman’s Raving Rabbits games. I’m currently replaying Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift, Harvest Moon: Tree of Tranquility, and Neverwinter Nights.

I also do some table-top roleplaying, and enjoy board games as well. Law school taught me the value of casual games, as they can be picked up and put down in a short period of time, and most sites allow you to test them for an hour before buying. Also, my slightly ancient laptop isn’t usually overwhelmed by the graphical or processing requirements. I prefer BigFish Games, because they feature a new game each day and are fairly affordable, and prefer time-management, hidden object, adventure, and strategy casual games.

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  1. RandyO says

    I used to work for Big Fish. I almost applied for my old job there after law school. 🙁